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New UNICO BLD10 drive for DC brushless motors        

A new drive called UNICO has been designed to allow the control of Intecno DC brushless motors of the BL series.

With a UNICO drive, it is now possible to control all sizes of Micro Gearmotors and Green Line motors with up to 10 amp rated current and 20 amp peak current and for all motor voltages available: 24V-36V-48V.

UNICO in italian

UNICO in english

Hannover Messe 2015        

We will be exhibiting at MDA in Hannover, Germany, one of most important exhibitions for our sector. MDA – Motion, Drives & Automation sets the guidelines for industry of the up and coming future and opens doors to new applications. We will be together with Transtecno, visit us from 13th17th April, Hall 14, Stand L19.

Site dedicated to the line MICRO Gearmotors        

It’s now available the new web site dedicated to the range of micro gearmotors "MICRO". You can download the entire documentation, configure products, download 3D drawings. Here it is:

SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2014 in Germany        

We will exhibit at SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2014, in Nurnberg (Germany), from November 25th to the 27th. SPS is the exhibition for electric automation technology. It covers all components down to the system and offers herewith integrated automation solutions. We look forward to seeing you in Hall 3, stand 404.

FoodLine, Washguard Industrial-Duty Electric Motors        


LEESON Washguard motors deliver something most motors can’t: the confidence to know your applications will be up and running no matter what you throw at them. Whether you need a motor that handles an occasional splash, or a solution that handles continuous washdown 24/7, LEESON’s broad range of Washguard industrial-duty motors can take it.
Choose a solution that’s USDA approved, FDA approved, BISSC Certified, or a motor with IP55 enclosure protection—to name just a few. If you’re looking for answers to tough application issues, LEESON is ready when you bring it on.



Brochure FoodLine

MICRO 2014 Catalogue        

It is now available the online and paper versions of MICRO 2014 Catalogue, new edition. Following the main news introduced:

1. DC electric motor EC030.240, 24V, 30 watt S1 – 50 watt S2, diameter 42
2. In planetary gearboxes section, DC motor EC030 with P/PK 42 gearbox
3. AC worm gearmotors section; CM026 and CM030 worm gearboxes with compact, square shaped AC motor
4. New PLN20 and PLN40 low voltage bidirectional DC motors controls 
Do not hesitate to contact us in order to receive a paper copy of MICRO 2014 catalogue. 

MICRO 2014 Catalogue

We look forward to seeing you in SPS        

We will be at SPS IPC Drives Italia 2014, this exhibition brings together suppliers and producers in the industrial automation sector and stands out as a major opportunity for the Italian market. In Parma we will be showing our MICRO gearmotor range, brushless gearmotors GREENLINE, linear guides and linear units from our LINEAR range. 

We look forward to seeing you in Parma from 20th-22nd May, Hall 2, Stand E002. Ask us the free ticket here.
GreenLine, the brushless gearmotors        

GreenLine is the new high energy efficient brushless gearmotor range, ideal for many applications that require high performances with compact dimensions. Greenline is made up of brushless motors (IP55 protection) and a complete range of speed reducers : planetary, helical, worm, bevel helical and shaft mounted gearboxes. Detailed technical information will be available very soon.

Here you find the brand new GreenLine website.

MICRO Gearmotors Configuration Tool        

The development of the product configuration tool dedicated to the MICRO range is now complete. The Configurator allows you to choose the gearmotor most suitable to each specific application: after selecting the gearmotor type and size, the motor type (brushless or DC) and the gearmotor output speed, the system will automatically develop a detailed proposal and an alternative solution based on the application requirements.

After choosing also the micro gearmotor, it will be possible to configure and select the accessories available. At the end of the configuration process you will obtain:

  • the gearmotor designation
  • a technical datasheet in PDF format
  • 2D and 3D models
Hannover Messe MDA 2013        

We look forward to seeing you in Hannover from 8th-12th April at MDA, one of the most important exhibitions in the world for our sector. We were also at the last MDA –Motion-Drives & Automation exhibitions which pave the way for future developments in the industry. We will be in hall 15, stand H39.

Unità lineari a cinghia e a vite        

4 serie di unità lineari a cinghia e 2 serie a vite.  

Tra le unità a cinghia, le serie MTJ e MRJ sono unità lineari con trasmissione a cinghia dentata di dimensioni compatte che offrono elevata capacità di carico, alta velocità, precisione e ripetibilità.  L’unità lineare serie MTJ ECO è simile alla serie MTJ, di tipo più economico a parità di caratteristiche prestazionali; la MTJ ECO è caratterizzata dal fatto che la trasmissione a cinghia è a vista senza nessuna protezione. La serie MTJZ è costituita da unità lineari con trasmissione a cinghia dentata e guida a ricircolo di sfere, idonee per realizzare le movimentazioni verticali dell'asse Z. La serie CTJ è costituita da unità lineari con trasmissione a cinghia dentata, simili alla serie MTJ, ma composte da un doppio sistema di guide a ricircolo di sfere, con gioco zero, e posizionate in parallelo. 

Le unità lineari a vite MTV utilizzano una vite a ricircolo di sfere con gioco ridotto della chiocciola e con tolleranza ISO 7. Le unità lineari a vite della serie CTV sono composte da una vite a circolo di sfere di precisione e da un sistema di due guide a ricircolo di sfere, con gioco zero e posizionate in parallelo.
Guide lineari ARC/HRC        

Le guide lineari ARC/HRC, disponibili in 7 taglie, riescono ad offrire un forte assorbimento agli urti e possono essere installate in tutte le posizioni di montaggio; grazie alla tecnologia delle “sfere ingabbiate”, queste guide lineari economiche possono essere utilizzate ad una maggiore velocità di lavoro, garantendo comunque silenziosità e una migliore  lubrificazione del sistema.

Le guide lineari ARC, sia nella versione a carrello compatto che in quella a carrello flangiato, sono particolarmente idonee nelle applicazioni in cui si devono ottimizzare gli ingombri; in entrambi i casi, l’altezza del sistema carrello + rotaia è inferiore a quella delle guide serie HRC.

Le guide lineari HRC, anch’esse  nella versione a carrello compatto che in quella a carrello flangiato, sono le serie più diffuse  nel settore del lineare, e proprio per questo sono totalmente intercambiabili con le guide presenti sul mercato.

Unità e guide lineari        

Abbiamo introdotto la gamma LINEAR per offrire al mercato dell’automazione una soluzione economica e allo stesso tempo dalle elevate prestazioni. Le guide lineari by CPC sono dotate di quattro piste per il  ricircolo delle sfere, e grazie al loro design riescono ad offrire un forte assorbimento agli urti e possono essere installate in tutte le posizioni di montaggio. L’offerta di unità lineari by Unimotion è composta da 4 serie di unità lineari a cinghia e da 2 serie di unità lineari a vite. Sia per le guide che per le unità lineari sono disponibili i cataloghi tecnici inclusa la sezione degli accessori. 

Sito aggiornato con Micro motoriduttori e Sistemi lineari        

Abbiamo aggiornato il sito secondo le novità e implementazioni di prodotto degli ultimi mesi. Le due linee di prodotto principali sono i MICRO motoriduttori e l’intera gamma di Sistemi lineari, composta da guide lineari e unità lineari; al fianco delle sezioni MICRO e LINEAR continuano a trovare posto i partner storici.

Micro Gearmotors Catalogue 2012        

The new technical catalogue dedicated to the MICRO gearmotors range is now available.

The catalogue is made up of 8 sections with a new structure and design making consultation and product selection effortless.
We have added some new elements for example, the compact range of wormgearboxes with DC motors EC035/EC050 and brushless BL025, the PM32 low noise planetary gearbox with low cost brushless motors and DC motors EC008/EC0016. We have also widened the BL brushless motor range. 
We have developed entire sections adding technical data for brushless motors and DC electric motors with graphs rpm/torque and other important information. We have also introduced a section dedicated to drives for DC and brushless motors with a motor drive selection guide. Finally a section about the micro encoder SE22 has been added.

Intecno Micro gearmotors catalogue

Brushless Precision Gearmotors        
We recently presented the new brushless precision gearmotors. Main characteristics of high precision planetary gear units PHP series are low backlash, high efficiency and low running noise. The DC brushless motors from the BL series are manufactured in 3 sizes, with torque 0,24 Nm, 0,43 Nm and 0,70 Nm. The SE22 small optical encoder is available; furthermore, for the BL motors to run correctly we would recommend our MICRO BLDC sevo drive, very compact with advanced technology. Here you find the dedicated catalogue.    

Brushless Precision Gearmotors Catalogue

TT100 Tutor        
TUTOR TT100 is a windows based software that helps the user to make the first steps in using TT100 Variable Frequency Inverter: connections, physics, set up. This tool allows to everybody, OEM and/or Distributor, to have simple technical support for our TT100 Inverter.    

3.1 MB

New Sales Manager for the Italian market        
Moreno Lolli is our new Sales Manager for the Italian market. Having worked in Transtecno for more than 10 years, Moreno has a wide knowledge of the market and products in the transmission sector, including Transtecno’s gearbox range and also the products distributed by Intecno. Linear guides, screw jacks, bevel gearboxes, inverters, electric motors, micro gearmotors are all products and application fields he knows well. After many years of experience in technical sales, Moreno will be on hand to help Intecno’s customers and those needing advice for the development of industrial applications.    
New Inverter TT100 series        

Inverter TT100 offers a complete solution in the power transmission sector.

As a part of Transtecno Group, we market and distribute the TT100 inverter with fast technical and logistical support. See below for the available sizes:

Single phase range 230V 0.20kW - 2.2kW
Three phase range 400V 0.75kW - 15kW

TT100 Inverter Catalogue

High precision planetary gear units        

We added a new important brand to our offer. From now on we distribute high precision planetary gear units of Planetroll, german company leader  in the design and development of transmission technology. Planetroll  produces precision planetary gearboxes, well known in Europe and worldwide for their reliability and flexible assembly system. Here you find some features.


High precision planetary gearboxes catalogue

Micro BLDC Servo Drive        

There is a new drive available in the INTECNO Micro product range, suitable for both brushless motors from the BL 24V range and DC permanent magnet motors from the EC 24V range. This drive is extremely versatile and can be used in all applications where a dynamic reaction is required making it ideal for industrial applications.Other than being able to control DC motors and DC brushless motors, it can drive with open loop, encoder or Hall sensors feedback or with tachometer feedback close loop. All requirements in the automation industry can be fulfilled with this drive.


Datasheet Micro BLDC Servo ENG

Datasheet Micro BLDC Servo ITA

New 3D Configurator for MICRO gearmotors        

Starting from the basic planetary gearbox, with various drop down menus you can select the stages and ratio required. You can also add a motor from the EC series or a brushless motor from the BLDC series.

Many different configurations are possible. You can download drawings in either 2D or 3D using the most common formats (SolidEdge, Parasolid, IGES, ACIS, STEP, DXF e DWG).

Brushless dc motors BL series        

The brushless dc motors BL series are available in 3 sizes, with torque from 0,05 Nm to 0,43 Nm, and they can be controlled by an integrated or external drive.

The advantages of using a BLDC motor are as follows:
- Very long life
- High efficiency
- Electronic commutation and motor control by digital sensors (encoder, resolver etc.)
- Wide speed range
- Maintenance free

These motors, combined with the planetary PK and P series offer a wide choice of ratios and technical solutions thanks to our exclusive modular system. Gearmotors made up of BL motors and LN (low noise) gearboxes are particularly suitable for applications in the medical field and for applications that require controlled movement with minimum noise levels. Contact us for more information.


Intecno brushless micro

MICRO Gearmotors        

We take pleasure in presenting our new MICRO Gearmotors with their own specific catalogue showing all technical and dimensional features. The wide range of planetary gears covers diameters from 22mm to 52mm and with the PK series, the body of the gear is available in plastic. The small DC motors either at 12V or 24V are available from 8 to 140W.


MICRO Gearmotors

Intecno authorized Lenze distributor        

Intecno srl is the new AUTHORIZED LENZE DISTRIBUTOR. The high capacity warehouse, immediate deliveries, flexibility in customer relations and the fundamental technical support are features that LENZE demands to its partners and INTECNO delivers; this deal is an important and natural step in the light of the excellent relations between the two companies.


Intecno rivenditore autorizzato Lenze

Brushless Servo Systems        

The second part of the partnership deal with Lenze is about Brushless Servosystems. You can download the brochure about these systems by clicking on the PDF icon on the right.



Lenze Deal        

Following the important partnership deal with Lenze for the distribution of the Inverter and Servo Brushless range, we attach the new  product brochures (Inverter SMD, 8200 Vector e 8200 Motec).


Inverter SMD

Inverter 8200 Vector

Inverter 8200 Motec

Trummeter II        

We present you the new Trummeter II, precision tools for transmission belts. Developed by the Deutsch company  HuK, Trummeter II measusers the static belt testion; this revision features a new sensor that allows for single hand measuring!


Flyer Trummeter

Micro gearmotors        

The new micro gearmotor series featuring IMS Gear products PK22-PM22-PK32-PM32-PM32LN and 12-24V dc motors, standard, with CEM filter or encoder. Compactness and output torque performance from 0,2 Nm to 4,5 Nm at an extremely low price.

New actuator        

THK presents the new low cost VLA actuator, developed to substitute the traditional pneumatic cylinders (VLA-CT) and for medium to low duty linear guide operations (VLA-ST). They can be delivered with motor and control if required.


THK attuatori VLA

Brushless Motomate motors        

Crouzet Componenti propone una nuova gamma di motori brushless a basso ingombro con il drive integrato, e nella versione Motomate anche con il controllore logico programmabile. Possono essere accoppiati ai nostri riduttori epicicloidali di precisione oppure a vite senza vite.



New jacks        

Unimec presents the new inox steel AISI 316/304 jacks and and angle drives. The added value of these products is the possibility to be employed in wet and acid environments or at critical temperatures. Contact us to get more informations.

New LN Series        

IMS GEAR now offers the new low noise reducers LN series. The Deutsch company, in addition to introducing on the first reduction stage helical gears, patented a mixed gear composed of plastic and steel.

Series Aleph        

Aleph is a new jack series from Unimec; a peculiar feature of this patented series is that some components are made using a special thermopolymer ideal for oxidant  or alimentary environments.

IMS Gear        

IMS Gear introduced, as an accessory option, a new pinion with shrink disc for motor coupling. This solution allows for quick and efficient motor assembly without requiring dowel inserting and clevis.

Leak Detect        

Leak Detect is a new tool developed by HuK for compressed air leaks detection. Leak Detect identifies leaks through an ultrasound device producing an audible alert.


Flyer Leak-Detect

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