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Planetroll is a leader in the design and development of transmission technology.
Since 1976, the German company has been offering fertile ground for innovative ideas, following guidelines and new standards for the market in which it operates. Offering a wide and complete range, Planetroll develops and produces precision planetary gearboxes, well known in Europe and worldwide for their reliability and flexible assembly system. Along with this they also offer quick delivery times and competitive prices, both typical features of Intecno.

Characteristics of high precision planetary gear units:


  • Low backlash and exact ratios
  • Self centring clamping system fixation
  • High efficiency and low running noise thanks to high gearing quality, cageless needle bearings in planetary gears and highgrade lubricant
  • Axial lenght compensation system
  • IP64 enclosure protection
  • Permanent grease long-life lubrication makes it possible any mounting position

Low Backlash and exact ratios
Backlash media value is calculated by applying 5% of nominal torque declaired in the catalogue, and this is the average of many equidistant measurements.
Test done with locked input shaft.
The ratio are whole numbers for 2 and 3 stages (the 3rd stage is available on special request only) from the combination of available ratios in the 1st stage of reduction.

Output torque
Torque must be counted as continuative duty S1 for Mn (nominal torque) and continuous intermittent duty S5 (with maximum of 1.000 duty per hour) for M2a (acceleration torque).
M2a is declared for 5% maximum use of total running time.
M2max torque (emergency torque) is admitted up to a maximum of 1000 times during gearbox lifetime.

Axial length compensation
Every gear unit has got a system to compensate thermal motor shaft dilatation.

Theoretical lifetime
Gears, when correctly assembled (screw tightened, motor assembly), used with nominal input speed and S1, is guaranteed for a duration of 20.000 working hours.

All gear unit are available conforming to ATEX directives: contact our Technical Service.

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