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UNIMEC partners

For over 25 years we are official UNIMEC partner for the sale of their products: screw jacks, bevel gearboxes and mechanical phasers. This background enables us to support customers from the technical point of view, helping them to sizing and selection the right product. The availability of a warehouse at our facility of major products use, allows us to solve in a short time the production needs of customers, or the possibility of sampling and spare parts.


Intecno operates more than 15 years as an Authorized Distributor for the sector Crouzet Motors, and is equipped with machines, qualified personnel, and storage of large-scale products, to offer a prompt delivery service in 24 hours.
Since November 2016, we became Master Channel Partner – Can Do, allowing us to act on a broader market, and promote the latest range of dc motors and brushless DC mind.

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Leeson is the most important and well know manufacturer of electric motors of North America, and produces motors for all types of use required by the market.
Our experience allows us to assist customers in choosing the most suitable motor, both from the performance point of view and the necessary certifications for the North American market.