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Leeson is the most important and well know manufacturer of electric motors of North America, and produces motors for all types of use required by the market. The most interesting ranges for European manufacturers of machines and plants that want to approach to that market are:

  • Motors single-phase and three-phase AC NEMA
  • Motori metrici IEC con caratteristiche elettriche e meccaniche NEMA
  • Motori WASHGUARD per ambienti ostili e certificati USDA per settori alimentari

All Leeson motors correspond to the stringent EISA standards of the US Department of Energy (DOE), regarding energy saving. In this regard the motors must comply with the energy class NEMA Premium, for motors from 1Hp to 500HP, and from June 1, 2016 for certain categories of motors (2-4-6 poles) and for power from 0,25Hp to 3Hp, in compliance with SMR rules (Small Motor Efficiency Rule). All motors are obviously UL and CSA certified, and in some cases CE too.

Our experience allows us to assist customers in choosing the most suitable motor, both from the performance point of view and the necessary certifications for the North American market.

23 warehouses in the USA, with over 6,000 motors available for immediate delivery, combined with a logistics center and technical support in Europe, at Regal Beloit plant in the Netherlands, offer a top quality service.

For further info: sales.leeson@intecno-srl.com

LEESON Azienda


AC NEMA Motors Single phase.

  • 42–215T frames
  • 0.08Hp–10 HP
  • Voltage 115/208-230V @frequency 60 Hz
  • Totally enclosed TEFC (IP54) and drip-proof ODP (IP20)
  • Rigid base, C-face, Rigid with C-face
  • Overload protection available

AC NEMA Motors Threephase.

  • NEMA Premium- WATTSAVERe – Meets IE3-Inverter Duty
  • 25HP –400 HP
  • 56C–449T frames
  • Voltage 208-230/460V & 460V @ frequency 60Hz
  • Totally enclosed TEFC (IP54) and drip-proof ODP (IP20)
  • IRIS™ insulation system
  • Inverter rated

AC metric IEC Three Phase motors meet NEMA rules

These motors conform to IEC metric frames offering performance standards North America, 1.15 service factor, and compliance of the energy-saving standards, Premium Efficiency. This range of motors all have the CE, UL and CSA.
Two types of structures are available: aluminum motor housing, up to size 90, and cast iron motor housing, up to size 315S. For the version with the aluminum housing, B3 foot would be removed and the motor can be installed with the terminal box in different positions F1, F2 and F3.

  • Mounting IEC standard B14, B5, B3
  • Available sizes 63 – 315S
  • Degree of protection IP55
  • Class F insulation
  • Voltage 230/460 V & 575V
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Powers 0,18Kw – 75Kw
  • Polarity 2-4-6 poles
  • Suitable for inverter operation, speed range 10: 1
  • Reinforced insulation (IRIS ™) on cast iron models

Stainless steel WASHGUARD Motors

As known, the North American motor manufacturers have long experience in all those industries where washing and sanitizing systems are essential, and therefore always built suitable motors for those harsh environment and in compliance with standards and industry certifications: FDA and BISSC.


The LEESON Washguard motors also offer superior characteristics than those made in Europe, offering high standards of performance North American, 1.15 service factor, and compliance with energy saving standards, Premium Efficiency. The range includes motors coupled NEMA and metric IEC, AC and DC. They are made entirely of stainless steel, with the round housing design and with different degrees of protection: IP55, IP56 and IP66.
Below is an overview of the proposed motors.

LEESON Washguard

Premium StainlessDuck  Maximum service in critically clean or corrosive environments

  • All exterior components of 300 series stainless steel
  • Endshields o-ring sealed to frame
  • IEEE 841 severe-duty features standard
  • Meets IP56 enclosure protection
  • AC, DC and IEC designs
  • (SGRs) shaft grounding rings
LEESON Premium

SSTDuck Stainless Steel Tough for demanding washdown applications

  • All exterior components of 300 series stainless steel, including motor frame, endshield and conduit box castings
  • Moisture resistant sealant between frame and endbells
  • Full-fact nameplate is laser-etched on the motor frame
  • Four locations for T-drains provided on each endshield
  • Meets IP55 enclosure protection
LEESON ExtremeDuck Ultra

ExtremeDuckUltra Revolutionary Designed Stainless Steel Motors

  • Total winding encapsulation using an Epoxy Resin
  • All exterior components are 300-Series stainless steel
  • (SRGs) shaft grounding rings
  • Protecth Bearing isolator used for the output shaft seal
  • Pre-lubricated double-sealed bearings
  • Full fact nameplate is laser etched
  • Meets IP66 enclosure protection